Impactful Individuals

Impactful individuals

Want to have more personal impact at work?

In just a few sessions with an Impactful Work coach you can achieve this and more.  We start from where you are at, jointly shaping a path to help you reach your goals. We use proven tools to get you there.

Whether you are a new leader, senior leader or just someone wanting to fast-track your development, coaching with Impactful Work will make a difference.

Impactful Teams

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The relentless waves of change at work often lessen team effectiveness. Team members come and go, agendas change, issues arise. How could your team benefit from expert support in navigating more effectively through change?

Do you need to get a new or merged team up and running ASAP?  Or perhaps your current team needs a boost or a fresh perspective as they look ahead to the next planning cycle? Or maybe people are struggling and you need a team turnaround?  

Impactful Work has a unique approach that gets results.
Our offsites, workshops and follow-up team coaching will accelerate your path to great team performance.

Impactful Organisations

Impactful organisations

Has your organisation got systems, processes and ways of working with people that aren't optimal? Are they getting in the way of people's productivity, positivity and the outcomes you need delivered?

Organisations start-up, grow, shrink, consolidate, merge and dissolve. These different life stages require distinctively different approaches for managing people. Where's your organisation at, and do you have the matching people infrastructure to suit?

Impactful Work helps explore, devise and implement new or improved approaches to people processes and systems. To make sure they fit your organisation's life stage, industry and marketplace. Be it recruitment, performance management or L&D processes, or the more intangibles like engagement, recognition or organisational culture – all can be fine-tuned or overhauled for greater impact.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution for high performance.  We'll partner with you to build a unique plan for your situation – delivering impactful results fast.

Impactful Work was founded by Gina McCredie, an experienced Organisational Psychologist who understands the science behind effective workplaces and how to support people and teams to deliver their best.  Impactful Work delivers practical, business-oriented, evidence-based, customised programs that make a tangible, positive difference to organisations and their people.